Alpenglow is an optical phenomenon in which a horizontal red glowing band is observed on the horizon opposite to the sun. This effect occurs when the Sun is just below the horizon. True alpenglow is not direct sunlight and is only observed after sunset or before sunrise. In the absence of mountains, the aerosols in the eastern portion of the sky can be illuminated in the same way at sunset by the remaining red scattered light straddling the border of the Earth's own shadow. This back-scattered light produces a red band opposite the Sun: alpenglow at sunset.
There's a reason sunsets are timeless and constant standbys of many creative individuals: they're inspiring. The sunset symbolizes the completion of a day, reinforcing the idea that we should celebrate and be thankful for our daily blessings. When I look at the setting sun, I see a promise for a new day that is even brighter than the current one. Sunsets remind us to be thankful for life.
I fell in love with India’s sunsets, and its few seconds of beautiful alpenglow. Designed with sensitivity of craft and sentiment, the Alpenglow Collection is deeply symbolic of a place in time, a moment captured, and an emotion felt. The stones used for this collection are garnet, rose quartz and hessonite; my three favorite colors that can be seen in a true alpenglow instant.