Every piece is nestled in our handcrafted delicate faux leather packaging bag to ensure your jewelry is kept safe. A polishing cloth is also provided, which allows the piece to be cleaned and worn for many years to come.



THE CARE jewelry is produced in a handcrafted manner with various materials that require a particular type of cleaning. If your jewelry has been exposed to intense light, perfumes or any other chemicals, you may notice over time the silver may darken slightly. If this does occur, your  jewelry can be cleaned using a very soft jewelry microfiber cloth that comes inside each packaging bag. 

 To maintain your piece as new, we recommend it is stored in its original packaging or in a closed box. Try to prevent contact with direct light or humidity, as this can lead to deterioration of the piece.


-Avoid wearing your jewelry in the bath, shower or swimming pool, the water can cause it to discolor.

-Store your jewelry away from the sun and be careful not to allow perfumes, make up, body and sun creams touch your pieces as these can tarnish your products quicker.

-Avoid using abrasive jewelry cleaners as these contain harsh chemicals and can destroy your jewelry over time. We also do not recommend the use of any jewelry polishing cloths which have been treated with cleaners or polishing agents.